Your private city guide in Rome

Rome offers its youngest visitors a variety of attractions that nothing gets in the way of an exciting family holiday for young and old.

  • Via Appia and Catacombs

rom stadtfuehrer - rome guide - Via Appia bis Castel Gandolfo

The partly bumpy and busy Via Appia Antica is especially recommended on Sundays and holidays for a trip to the countryside when the road is closed for the traffic and you can ride a rented bike down the generous street. Culturally the so-called queen of all roads offers something for everyone with their catacombs, tombs and churches. After a refreshing lead in the climate-neutral Catacombs of San Callisto and San Sebastiano and the visit of the Quo Vadis Church, where Saint Peter met Jesus Christus on his flight from Rome, you can relax at the sight of the sunset over the green landscapes.

  • Villa Borghese

The Villa Borghese offers a relaxing oasis in the city center to escape the hustle and bustle of the nearby attractions. On the artificial lake, with a Greek temple on its peninsula you can rent a rowboat and can watch the turtles swim. Furthermore, the Villa Borghese has a children’s cinema, allows the exploration of the park with rented bicycles, a children’s carousel and a very special highlight: the Bioparco, a zoo with a huge children’s playground and a petting zoo. For parents, a visit to the Borghese Gallery opens a treasure of artworks and paintings.

  • Ancient Rome

How did the Romans do all day long and what had happened exactly in the Colosseum? Questions, whose answers will be given in a special tailored tour, which explains children the everyday Roman life. In addition to the well-known Colosseum, where animal and gladiator fights were held to entertain the people, you also visit the Baths of Caracalla. Here you can learn more about the progress of the Romans in the personal hygiene and get a glimpse about the differences of ancient bathhouses from today’s bathrooms. The exciting chariot races took place in the nearby Circus Maximus, which at that time offered seats for 150,000 spectators. (The tour includes the visit to the ruins of the Forum Romanum too, to imagine the size and importance of the center of the Roman Empire.)

  • Ostia Antica

rom stadtfuehrer - rome guide - ostia antica, besichtigung mit stadtfuehrer der alten hafenstadt roms

Ostia Antica is a beautiful tour for children because the extensive ruins provide an excellent introduction to urban life of the early Romans: the theatre, the temples of Mithras, the Roman baths, laundries, restaurants and even the public toilets are still visible.

Ostia Antica is an attractive location near the coast – a wonderful walk under umbrella pines and cypress trees.

  • St. Peter´s Cathedral for children


Let´s explore the biggest church in Europe together with your children. Over the column decorated Square, past the Swiss Guards, it goes into the interior of the basilica, which impresses with its breathtaking decoration. Especially a climb to the dome, with a breathtaking view over the city, offers an experience for young and old.

This guide takes about one and a half hour and can be extended individually, for example with the Vatican museums, the German cemetery or the Castel Sant’Angelo.

Please do not hesitate to *contact* me if you have any questions.

Your Carpediem guide to the city in Rome

Sandra Haarmann