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Angels and Demons

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Following the sites in the book “Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown, our tour will take you all over Rome to find the “altars of science”.

The Chigi Chapel inside the church of St Maria del Popolo, where the only tomb made by Raphael in Rome and with angel statues by Gianlorenzo Bernini (according to Dan Brown, one of the illuminati brotherhood) is connected with the element Earth.

In St Peter’s Square an angel’s image on the pavement is a tribute to the element Air. And it is the wind that leads you to another church with an angel’s statue by Bernini:

St Maria della Vittoria: The church is a tribute to the element Fire, given by Bernini’s angel. The position of the angel’s spear lead Tom Hanks, alias Robert Langdon, to Piazza Navona:

Here we find the element Water – the Fountain of the Rivers built by Bernini again. The fourth cardinal is saved by Robert Langdon. The dove on top of the obelisk lead Langdon to St Angel’s Castle, which is supposed to be the secret centre of the illuminati brotherhood.

All locations and masterpieces in the novel are factual; they can still be seen today and are waiting for you to discover them!

Besides the adventures of Robert Langdon, you will enjoy a visit to some of the most beautiful sites and richly-decorated churches in the city, as well as a lovely stroll through the alleys and small picturesque squares in baroque Rome.

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