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San Lorenzo and Sant´Agnese – Santa Costanza

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The Church of San Lorenzo outside the walls, donated by Emperor Constantine and one of the seven pilgrim churches, is dedicated to one of the Roman favorite saints, martyrs Laurentius, who was martyred on a grid-iron in 238 AD. The charming three-nave church flaunts a triumphal arch mosaic of the 6th century. Particularly striking are the work on the two marble pulpits, one acting as the most beautiful of Rome.

The trip also takes you to the church Sant’Agnese, whose namesake was martyred because she refused to marry the son of the pagan prefect. In her honor, an already built church outside the walls was donated by the daughter of Constantine, Costanza, in the 4th century. The existing church underwent several changes over the time. Particularly eye-stings are the wooden ceiling and the chancel, with its marble chandeliers and the bishop’s throne. In a golden apse mosaic from the 7th century Agnes is shown, wearing on her dress the character of the Phoenix, the symbol of immortality.

Adjacent to the church is the mausoleum for the daughters of Constantine, Costanza (actually Costantina) and Helena, from the 4th century. It is an architectural masterpiece and is richly decorated inside with mosaics.

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