Your private city guide in Rome

The classical tours

In these tours we show you the main sights of the Eternal City.

Perfect for your first Rome visit.

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Your Carpediem guide in Rome

Sandra Haarmann

  • Ancient Rome

    In antiquity the Colosseum was not known by that name; the Romans called it the Anfitheatre Flavia. It was only in the early middle ages that it became known as the Colosseum from a gigantic statue in bronze of Nero found nearby the anfitheatre. It was inaugurated in the year 80 a.d. with games, gladiator compititions and animal spectacles that lasted more than 100 days. All were completely involved in these celebrations, from the most important public figures to humble slaves.

    Let youself be drawn back to Roman times and experience how people lived and survived in the city.

  • The Vatican

    The Vatican City was recognized a sovereign state, within the city of Rome. The origin of the the name “Vatican” goes back to the Etruscans and it was the name of the hill, where the apostle Peter had once been buried.

    Our tour shows you part of the vast Vatican Museums and features some antique statues such as the famous Laokoon and the Apollo of Belvedere – the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

  • The most beautiful squares

    A relaxing walk through the city’s centre mostly, in pedestrian areas, and through narrow streets, to let yourself be surprised over and over again by Rome’s beautiful squares and fountains.

    We see Piazza del Popolo, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona – and on our way we find the most beautiful and famous of Rome’s 800 fountains: The Trevi Fountain, noted for scenes in the film, “La Doce Vita”. Romans say that throwing a coin into the fountain will ensure your return back to Rome.

  • Museums

    Rome contains vast quantities of priceless art, sculpture and treasures, which are mainly stored in its many museums.